Saturday, November 10, 2007

Letting Go...

it's fucking hard man.
it's hard letting things be, especially when you feel like the things that are not happening, or are happening are deserved/not deserved.
it's hard to appreciate self when looking for appreciation from others.
that's where i stumble. where i stutter, and where i fall. and then of course, it's fucking hard to get up.
it's hard to understand the meaning of falling when you can't afford to lose a step.
it's hard letting people mis use you, mis treat you, and letting the people/person/spirits/beings handle it on their own. letting karma come through. letting karma become none, which in it's essence is.
letting go is like holding tight. it feels good, but it feels scary. we do different things. we don't do the same things. and a lot of the times we do nothing. we feel sorry for ourselves, even though we're blessed.
we lose focus, on what is really the isssue:
finding self.

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